BYD Forklift showcases cost-saving solutions at LogiMAT 2023

BYD, the world’s leading manufacturer of New Energy Vehicles (NEVs), is once again exhibiting a selection of its zero-emission forklifts at the LogiMAT trade fair (Hall 9, Stand D17 – Stuttgart, 25-27 April 2023). Ranging in capacity from 1.6 tonnes to its largest-yet forklift at 8 tonnes, the trucks on display are all powered by the patented BYD Iron-Phosphate Battery offering unprecedented levels of efficiency and saving customers money at a time when energy prices are a concern.

 Stuttgart, Germany – BYD Forklift is inviting visitors to LogiMAT to see for themselves its range of energy-efficient forklifts. Following its very successful presence at this event in 2022, when interest in its newly-launched models attracted considerable interest, BYD has continued to evolve its forklift range to match the demands of its European customers.

BYD Forklift stand at the LogiMAT 2022

An example of this is the latest BYD ECB25i-C counterbalance forklift truck, which has undergone a series of significant enhancements since it was last displayed in Stuttgart. Whilst externally visually similar, it features upgraded components to make it an even more attractive investment. The integration of latest-generation drive units from Italian specialist PMP Industries S.p.A. further improve the efficiency of a model which is already a class leader in this regard. An additional benefit of this upgrade is the incorporation of an electronic parking brake into the range, whilst operators will appreciate its incredibly smooth and quiet operation. The electronic parking brake furthermore provides the advantage of automatic battery switch-off, a safety feature that prevents the battery draining if left unattended for an extended period of time.

A remodelled steering axle is among a host of features to enhance the operator experience and overall performance of the latest-model BYD ECB25i-C. With a larger steering angle now achievable, the overall turning radius of the forklift is minimised to increase manoeuvrability in tight areas such as warehouse aisles. The ECB25i-C will also be equipped with a new mast, designed to offer even greater operator visibility thanks to a widened space between the uprights.

A significant number of models from the BYD counterbalance range have already benefited from this major upgrade, including the BYD ECB35i-C counterbalance forklift truck, another model taking centre-stage on the BYD stand at LogiMAT. With a rated lifting capacity of 3.5 tonnes, this model is another to feature an enhanced steering system. Working with feedback from BYD’s European customers, BYD’s technicians have developed the power-assisted system to achieve even greater steering smoothness.

As a global leader in NEVs, BYD is already renowned for its significant advancements in battery and charger technology and performance. In tandem with these mechanical enhancements, BYD forklifts will become an even greater attraction to European customers whose focus is on energy efficiency, performance and operator comfort and safety.

“Our engineers have aimed their focus on the areas where customers will experience the greatest benefits,” says Blade Feng, Forklift Business Unit Director, BYD Europe B.V. “The range of BYD forklifts available in Europe already features the most advanced and most efficient battery system on the market. With this latest iteration of trucks, we are improving the manoeuvrability and ergonomics to exceed the standards expected by European customers. These trucks are manufactured to European specifications using key components from trusted European suppliers.”


The BYD SEF35 counterbalance forklift truck


For customers seeking to replace their gas- or diesel-powered internal combustion (IC) forklifts with a zero-emission low energy electric model, the BYD SEF35 counterbalance forklift truck could be just what they are looking for. Dubbed the ‘IC-killer’, the third truck on BYD’s LogiMAT stand has many more advantages than just its competitive price point. Principle among these is that it has been designed and configured to mimic the ‘feel’ of an IC powered truck. “By this, we mean an operator can jump from a diesel truck into a forklift from the BYD SEF range and instantly feel at home in terms of its operational capabilities,” explains Blade Feng. “It has large wheels, greater ground clearance and comparable performance. With a single drive motor delivering the torque to the wheels, driving it is very similar to driving an IC truck and it delivers the same workrate, except it’s much quieter and it saves you money. Plus, it has all the advantages that the BYD Iron-Phosphate Battery brings, such as zero emissions, low energy usage and the ability to opportunity charge. It’s a real workhorse, either indoors or outside in the yard.”

The model on display in Stuttgart will be a version optimised to work in the most hostile of environments, where typically competitor electric forklifts have struggled with reliability in wet conditions. BYD engineers have worked to secure an IP rating that means the SEF is suitable for operation in rainy conditions thanks to features such as protected electric components, superior paint, and the addition of an air-conditioned cab.

Completing BYD’s line-up of forklifts on stand 9D17 is the BYD ECB16C three-wheel counterbalance truck. One of BYD’s most popular models will be displayed in its ATEX form, meaning it is rated for operation in areas where there is risk of explosion due to gases or other volatile materials. As a result of its long-standing partnership with Italian ATEX specialist Miretti Group, BYD is the only forklift manufacturer to offer European-specification ATEX certification Zones 1 and 2 for applications across its entire forklift and warehouse truck range.


The BYD ECB16C ATEX three-wheel counterbalance truck

“It can be expensive to convert a standard forklift to one that is ATEX compliant, but the operational advantages of BYD forklifts will help to offset this over the life of the truck,” says Blade Feng. “We have always been proud that the total cost of ownership of a BYD forklift is low compared to other electric alternatives, and this is being borne out in Europe where we are helping our customers in the chemicals sector in particular to make significant savings.”

Visitors to LogiMAT who are moving between halls will also get to have a close look at a production version of the new BYD ECB80 heavy-duty counterbalance truck, which will be displayed in the outside courtyard area between Hall 9 and Hall 10. Currently the largest-capacity truck in the BYD forklift range, this impressive vehicle represents a significant breakthrough in a sector dominated by diesel- and lead acid-powered trucks. With the ability to operate for up to nine hours on just one hour of charging, thanks to BYD’s intelligent charging solutions, the BYD ECB80 is an attractive proposition for high-intensity operations in sectors such as manufacturing, beverage and building products.


The BYD ECB70 heavy-duty counterbalance truck at LogiMAT 2022

“Following the excitement of the launch of our new models at LogiMAT last year, visitors to our stand in 2023 can expect to see greater refinement across the BYD range, in tandem with our continual focus on cost savings and lower energy consumption,” concludes Blade Feng. “We invite warehouse operators and owners, as well as dealers and forklift operators onto our stand, as we will be pleased to discuss with them ways in which they can help increase productivity in their operations, whilst at the same time reducing costs with low-energy, zero-emission BYD forklifts.”

BYD Iron-Phosphate Batteries come with the most advance design, highest levels of safety and an industry-leading 8-year (or 10,000-hour) warranty, offering its customers a safe, reliable, and long-term materials handling equipment partner supported by a growing network of local dealers.