Electric Forklift Trucks
Lifting your way to a cleaner future

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Optimised battery and charger
Optimised battery and charger selection enables full charge in 1-2 hours dependent on application
Efficient and cost-free battery
Efficient and cost-free battery Maintenance free, zero electrolyte topping required, no cells caps or pipes to replace
Longer useful life
Longer useful life Up to 15 years operational life with limited reduction in capacity
Maximum flexibility
Maximum flexibility Part charges can be made without detrimental effect to battery life expectancy, no memory effect
Maximum safety
Maximum safety No risk of fire or explosion
Design and Comfort
Design and Comfort Smaller, lighter batteries provide maximum comfort for operator and maximum strength to truck chassis
Respect for the enviroment
Respect for the enviroment No harmful emissions or flammable gases are produced during charging. All substances used are 100% environmentally friendly
Warranty Longest battery warranty in class, 8-years or 10,000 hours, whichever comes first

BYD trust

BYD is the largest seller of electric cars worldwide, more so than any other manufacturer on the planet

A Brilliant Future

A product of a strategic alliance between Samsung which acquired 4% of the company and American businesman Warren Buffett who joined together in a shareholding with 225,000 shares

Global Brand

BYD has more than 150,000 employees throughout the world and has a total of 10 wholly-owned industrial parks

Corporate News

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