Stacker Truck Range

The BYD electric stacker is an ergonomically-designed, safe machine capable of making daily work easier. These devices have a phosphate iron video technology guarantee in their batteries.The ergonomic design of the BYD electric pallet truck offers major versatility for daily
loading and unloading operations with work vehicles. In addition, the BYD lithium, iron and
phosphate technology battery offers companies the chance to achieve greater productivity
by reducing costs per operation.


Other features of the BYD EPS14P electric stacker Quick charge from 1 to 2.5 hours Keypad with access code 24V 90A speedy charger Customized fork sizes Thanks to features such as fast ...


Other features of the BYD EPS14Pi electric stacker - 1 hour fast charging solution - 24V 90A fast charger - Custom fork dimensions - Metal mesh protection - Plexiglass protection - On-board ...


The BYD EPS14 is a manual stacker with a nominal capacity of 1400 kg, and lifting heights of up to 5400 mm. BYD stackers work with our own Lithium Iron-Phosphate technology and have the most ...