BYD to Unveil Innovative New Products at LogiMAT 2020

BYD, a global leader in zero-emission vehicles, is planning to launch innovative new material handling products on its stand (Hall 10, A69) at the LogiMAT international trade fair, which is being held in Stuttgart on March 10-12 2020. The new products include significant additions to its range of Lithium Iron-Phosphate battery-powered fork lift trucks, as well as an innovation that will greatly increase the speed of charging a BYD machine.

BYD’s comprehensive range of material handling equipment already offers outstanding performance and reliability, amounting to the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). All of its forklifts are powered by BYD’s proven Iron-Phosphate batteries, which come together with an industry-leading eight-year warranty.

When compared to equivalent equipment powered by traditional lead acid batteries, BYD’s industry-leading Iron-Phosphate batteries require no maintenance, have a shorter charge time, a longer working life, and use up to 40% less energy. BYD adopts the fast charging technology allowing the charging time to be reduced down to just one hour. Furthermore, BYD’s batteries can be topped-up during short breaks in operations, thus guaranteeing maximum uptime at the lowest-possible cost.

Looking ahead to LogiMAT, Blade Feng, Business Unit Director Forklift at BYD Europe B.V., says: “BYD has great ambition for the European market, and in particular in Germany, not only because it is the largest single market in Europe, but also it welcomes innovation. Therefore, we believe LogiMAT is the ideal platform for us to showcase our range of innovative solutions, and also the ideal place for us to announce new solutions.

“We are very excited to be introducing at LogiMAT some important additions to our range of fork lift trucks, as well as the launch of an innovation that will guarantee considerably shorter charging times for fork lift truck fleets.

“On our stand at LogiMAT, we aim to highlight the benefits of our entire range of forklifts, reach trucks and pallet trucks. We invite all fleet managers and operators who are looking for reliable zero-emission vehicles within their warehouse and loading areas to come and speak to us at LogiMAT, and we will explain to them how they can make significant energy and cost savings over the lifetime of their material handling fleet.”


BYD is a leading global manufacturer of industry-leading pure electric vehicles, and its proven technology is currently deployed at distribution centres, ports, transport hubs and airports across Europe, often operated under challenging time constraints in extreme conditions.

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