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BYD Forklifts was present for the first time in Europe at the 2013 edition of LogiMAT in Stuttgart (Germany).


At LogiMAT BYD presented a full range of forklifts to the press and interested visitors, and generated a high level of interest among visiting forklift dealers, not only from Germany, but from other European countries.


The models presented were one 2.0 ton counterbalance forklift and two units of the 2.5 counterbalance forklifts. A 2.0 ton pallet truck was also on display.


The BYD Fe battery technology (lithium iron phosphate), as well as the different components that integrate it, such as the Battery Management System (BMS), battery cell, and battery module were also shown.


By displaying the prototype range intended for the Chinese market, BYD was able to confirm the high interest that the forklifts and the battery technology generate, thus paving the way for a full range of forklifts specifically designed to meet the European market demand.