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BYD Europe offers lowest forklift operating costs

A new range of electric forklifts with advanced battery technology is being launched at LogiMAT 2015 that promises to cut total cost of ownership to unheard-of new lows for materials handling fleets around Europe.

Traditional battery-electric forklift trucks have one big problem – the inconvenience and cost involved in having to constantly charge, change and replace batteries. But now, a new range of forklift trucks from BYD Europe (Hall 6, Stand C41) is just going on sale that does away with this problem while simultaneously providing a very dramatic cut in operating costs for end users.


Based on BYD’s unique ‘battery for life’ concept with the BYD Iron-Phosphate Battery, the new forklift range includes three- and four-wheel counterbalance trucks and a heavy-duty powered pallet truck, and will save users a very significant percentage of their total forklift operating costs.


Available from next month in Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands and due to be rolled out in several other EU states later this year, the four-wheel counterbalance trucks – the ECB20, ECB25 and ECB35 – come with 2,000, 2,500 and 3,500kg lift capacities respectively. All are available with either simplex, or duplex and triplex masts with full free lift, for work at heights of up to 6,000mm.


A new three-wheel counterbalance truck – the ECB16 – is also going on sale from March with a 1,600kg lift capacity and the same mast options, aimed at applications where manoeuvrability is a priority. The PTP20H, meanwhile, is a 2,000kg capacity powered pallet truck with a flip-down operator platform that allows for both pedestrian and ride-on operation.


All of these trucks are powered by BYD's astonishing ‘battery for life’, an Iron-phosphate battery cell which requires just a fraction of the time taken by traditional lead-acid batteries to charge fully, uses much less energy during the charging and discharging process, can be set to charge within seconds via a highly convenient socket on the side of the truck without any need for risky battery removal, and it lasts for so long that you can forget about expensive battery replacements (see full details in following document).

But it isn’t just the amazing battery technology they incorporate that will make BYD’s new line-up of lift trucks so attractive to end users – they have also been specified to compete with the most sophisticated materials handling solutions on the market in terms of their build quality and performance, too.


Built from high quality materials to be robust and durable, all the new counterbalance trucks incorporate a range of features to enhance safety, maximise driver comfort and raise operator productivity.


All include the latest AC technology, for example, providing precise, controllable power at all times, while programmable performance characteristics including acceleration and top speed ensure the forklifts can be perfectly matched with the limitations of any operating environment or operator skill level.


All BYD forklifts are equipped while BYD’s active stability control system, which automatically monitors and manages the truck speed during cornering, helping to avoid any risk of a load spill or truck tip-over.


Another key safety feature is the Braking Assist System, which holds the forklift steady on inclines immediately after the brake is released to prevent any unintended forward or backward movement. An overload protection system, meanwhile, prevents the lift motor from working if the load being picked up exceeds 110% of rated load capacity.


Programmable regenerative braking, also supplied as standard, helps to extend battery life between charges while easy access to the key truck components combined with low-maintenance features such as oil-immersed brakes minimises the downtime and costs involved in routine truck servicing.


With a build quality and finish at least as high as anything else on the market and an ergonomically designed operator space that ensures drivers stay comfortable, fresh and focused at all times on the task at hand, the BYD counterbalance truck range offers a pleasant, productivity-enhancing environment that will delight even the most demanding fleet managers and drivers.


Basic and Comfort versions

All the ECB forklifts are available in two versions: Basic and Comfort. The Basic version forklifts come standard with a Grammer seat, traditional levers for control of hydraulic functions and a single, centrally-mounted mast cylinder. Comfort models, which are aimed at those carrying out intensive work and long shifts, feature twin hydraulic cylinders to provide a clearer central view through the mast, as well as a full suspension Grammer seat to maximise operator comfort and


fingertip, mini-lever hydraulic controls that minimise the hand and arm movement required for lifting and lowering operations.


All forklifts have a 4 way valve as standard equipment, allowing for easy installation of additional attachments.


With a maximum speed of 20km/h, the BYD four-wheel counterbalance trucks will make light work of any distances to be travelled between loading and unloading points, while their excellent manoeuvrability means they are also well suited to the restricted space found in many industrial environments. The ECB16, meanwhile, has a healthy top speed of 16km/h and even more impressive manoeuvrability.


The BYD forklifts can be equipped with different batteries, depending on the model. While all batteries feature 80 Volts, the battery catalogue includes 200 AH, 400 AH and 540 AH models. Coupled with one BYD charger, a BYD forklift will be charged exceptionally fast, while the same charger can be used right across the entire BYD counterbalance truck line-up.


The new BYD three-wheel ECB16 counterbalance forklift – believed to be the only three-wheel electric truck on the market to sport an 80 volt battery – provides plenty of power on tap at all times and makes for outstanding agility and acceleration.


 A wide range of options makes these remarkable trucks even more versatile, including a choice of different battery capacities, masts, and a full steel cabin with integrated heater. The trucks can also be supplied in individual corporate liveries.


PTP20H powered pallet truck

Also appearing at LogiMAT 2015 is the PTP20H powered pallet truck. This 2,000kg capacity unit has a flip-down, shock-absorbing, anti-slip platform that allows for both pedestrian and ride-on operation, folding sidebars that help protect the driver in ride-on operation and integrated support panels that make it easy for them to find a comfortable position on the platform.


With a turning radius of just 1,650mm and a top travel speed of 12km/h, the PTP20H is ideal for a range of heavy-duty applications such as vehicle loading or unloading via a loading dock, and general pallet movements around the warehouse, including in and out of ground level storage positions.

Waiting over for end users

The arrival of the BYD forklifts trucks to the German, Belgian and Dutch markets from next month marks the end of a long period of intensive development and delivers the benefits of advanced battery technology that users have been waiting so long for, in a product line-up that also


compares very favourably with other modern brands in terms of its basic specification and equipment levels


“We are delighted to announce that from March, materials handling fleets can finally get their hands on a range of new forklifts that turns traditional thinking on its head in terms of battery management,” said BYD Europe Forklifts Director, Javier Contijoch. “The many benefits of the Iron-Phosphate Battery, combined with the significant performance characteristics of the BYD forklifts and their competitive price, will make these new models a serious contender for any lift truck fleet that prides itself on safety, efficiency and productivity.” 




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